Sunday, May 25, 2014

Wrapped on The Erebus & The Terror (Historical Drama Theatre Play) as 'Eleanor Franklin, Captain Fitzjames, Admiral 2 & The Dead 2'

I play a challenging role in this historical play: Eleanor Franklin, Captain Fitzjames - The Erebus, Admiral 2 and the Dead Crew. It was an incredible experience to be a man in the British Navy in 1845. Thanks Michael Brown!

Sir John Franklin (1845), a British Royal Navy Officer and Arctic Explorer disappears on his last expedition to the Northwest Passage in the Canadian Arctic.  This play looks at this unlikely couple who had one of the most unique and binding relationships of the Victorian era, one cut short by inevitable tragedy.

Playwright & Director: Michael Brown

Eleanor Franklin, Captain Fitzjames, Admiral 2, Dead 2: Jane Pokou
Sir John Franklin: James Curley
Captain Crozier, Butler, Admiral 1, Dead 1: Peter Coffey
Lady Jane Franklin: Cynthia Dempster