Friday, July 5, 2013

IMPROBABILIA (WEB SERIES - Episode 12 - SCI - FI) as 'City Employee'

IMPROBABILIA (WEB SERIES, SCI - FI) - For office worker, Hal Norman, every day is the same and reality couldn't be more boring. When he loses his job and finds himself deep in debt, he decides to go in for paid medical testing to make some easy money...or so he thinks. Suddenly he finds his world turned upside-down as he develops strange abilities, making him a target for shadowy forces, until he finds a safe refuge in the hidden district of Improbabilia. Hal, joined by others like him, must make the choice to either flee or stand against those who would destroy them...but is it all just a drug-induced hallucination?

Handsome Robot Pictures - Directed by - Brian Clement


Director - Brian Clement

'City Employee' - Jane Pokou
'Security Guards' - Andre Guantanamo & Steve Kasan
'Hal Norman' - Jeff Sinasac
'Nat' - Keisha Prince
'Aaron' - Jordan Mechano
'Gail' - Ashley Tredenick